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March 31, 2022 By

These instructions are for Sol-bank user registrations only

Sol-banks are aimed at those living off-grid or without access to a reliable energy source. You can find out more on our main page at

Step 1

Take a photo of your Sol-bank serial numbers as in the image below, you will need to upload it later.

If your product does not have a serial number, check with your distributor as you cannot register without one


Step 2

Note: You will need an email address to complete registration for Lobstr and our platform.

If you have a smartphone, Scan the QR code and install Lobstr wallet for your device, Android or IOS supported

lobstr qr-code

Otherwise, use the web version at to register

Step 3

Once you have installed and registered with Lobstr, do the following;

Confirm email

verify email

Open the Lobstr app and enter your login information

Select wallet from settings

wallet settings sols-bank

Select Federation address

federation address sols-bank

Enter Sol-bank- (your serial number)

e.g Sol-bank-71453

Sol-bank federation address

Select save

Step 4

Save a copy of your wallet Public address on your device.

Important please understand!!

A wallet has a Public address and a Private key. The Public address is the address you share to recieve funds.

The Private key is the key to the wallet and should never be shared with anyone including us, we will never ask for your Private key. A Private key begins with the letter “S”

Select Receive

receive sols

Select Stellar Address and Copy button


Paste the address to a text app on your mobile device and save for future use.

This is the address that you use to receive funds and can be given to people who wish to send you funds.

Step 5

Select Register from the main menu at the top of this page or

Register your information on our platform at

qr-code sols-bank register

Enter the required information and upload the image of your Sol-bank serial number

Once completed, admin will check the information and approve or reject the registration

Once approved, you will be sent a small amount of XLM to activate your Lobstr account and an initial claimable balance of SOLS. You need to claim the balance in order to start receiving the daily rewards.

If there are any issues with registration, please email us at [email protected]

Step 6

Claim your SOLS tokens to enable future payments

Note: Only do this step once your registration for your Sol-bank has been approved

Open the Lobstr app and select Transactions

select transactions

Select the Pending tab and tap the entry that shows 3,388 SOLS

select pending

You should see a claimable balance of 3,388 SOLS

Select the claim button

claim SOLS Lobstr

Your account will now be credited with 3,388 SOLS tokens and you be able to receive future payments

SOLS can be exchanged for XLM and other tokens via the swap feature in the Lobstr app

Please note that you should not remove the trustline to SOLS or we cannot send future tokens. To avoid this, always keep a small balance of SOLS in your account.

Referral scheme

You can earn 1000 AQUA tokens for referring other users to the Lobstr app for a maximum of 3 referrals. The person you refer also get 1000 AQUA tokens

This code “XBHQTLHTG” is currently active, if it no longer works ask in your community for a valid code. This is generally someone who has recently registered on the Lobstr app

Open the Lobstr app and select “Settings”

Select “Redeem code”

redeem lobstr code for AQUA
Redeem code for AQUA tokens
enter redeem code Lobstr

Your account and the person who referred you will be credited with 1000 AQUA tokens which you can swap to XLM or other tokens with the Lobstr app

To share your “Invite a Friend code”

From “Settings” select “Invite friends”

invite a friend to Lobstr

There will be a text and QR code than can be shared

share Lobstr code

Share the code and receive more free AQUA